Biological air purification

Biofiltration uses bacteria to breakdown harmful gases into harmless substances. The bacteria are in the moist filter medium. A certain contact time is required, depending on the gases to be broken down. The filter media consists of heather, supplied in compressed rolls or as loose bulk. We also supply peat fibre in compressed big bales or as loose bulk. We can mix the substances in any proportions in order to supply the ready-to-use filter material required (delivered as loose bulk).

Filter media


Biofiltration is an air treatment technique in which can remove practically any organic compound. Filter materials Oosterbeek can supply include: Heather, peat fibre and biomix.

Filter media



Numerous sectors of industry can benefit from biofiltration. To name a few: The environmental sector, wastewater treatment plants, manure drying plants, compound feed manufacturers, etc.


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Our company has a long history of manufacturing and supplying various kinds of biofiltration media. If you have any specific requirements or questions, please contact us. We'd be pleased to help.

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Biofilter Tower from OOT bv

The BTC tower® is a biofilter and a trickling filter in one. A combination which is filled with a biological filter media suitable for biological odour reduction and control.

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