Heather is an effective Biofilter media

Heather is a natural product (8-30 years old) with a coarse woody structure. Heather is cut approx. 30-40 cm above the ground level, after which the growing provess can start again, and is consequently a very environmentally friendly product. It has a pleasant smell and contains bacteria which are necessary for an effective biofilter. (deodorization) and is extremely suitable for use for high concentrations of odour (NH3, H2S, etc.) Heather also has a low pressure drop (low resistance) resulting in lower energy costs.

When the heather is replaced with a new medium (after 0.5-4 years) the wasted heather can be used as compost for soil improvement (e.g. in the agricultural sector). Specific surface area of heather (1000-1500 m2/m3) is many times higher than other filter media commonly used such as bark or root wood ( 250-500 m2/m3 ), meaning a much shorter start-up time.

The advantages:

  1. Airy open structure
  2. Never too moist, redundant water runs through it
  3. Excellent odour reduction (± 99 %)
  4. Easily refresh biobed
  5. Low pressure drop



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